Author: Lisa Cooke

Lisa is a retired science teacher and published fiction author.





“Don’t tell me you don’t have time. You always say that, but you seem to find time for the things you want to do.”
Charles Sturbridge attempted to listen to his wife’s tirades, but found the task more difficult with each passing day.
“I didn’t say we couldn’t go, I just said I can’t go right now,” he said, buttoning his shirt as he walked from their gaudy, over-decorated bedroom. Why he had thought she would have enough class to decorate their penthouse was beyond him. At the time he’d allowed it, he had been too enamored by her beauty to think straight. Amazing how 10 years of living with a shrew could change a man’s perspective. (more…)


How to hook your readers

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Cranking out a page turner
Recently I heard an author claim that all genre fiction is a type of suspense. It hadn’t dawned on me until I heard that, but I think she was right. Now some of you are reading this and thinking since you have no dead body on the floor or evildoer stalking your heroine your novel does not fall into the category of suspense, but according to Webster, suspense is a state of mental uncertainty. It’s uncertainty that has your reader asking, “What’s going to happen next?” And THAT is the engine that drives a page turner. THAT is the question that keeps your reader turning pages and missing a good night’s sleep. A dead body or stalker definitely adds that element, but what if your story isn’t intended to keep your reader awake with fear? Now what?

It’s important to remember the habits of the average reader. First, they usually read at bedtime. (more…)

The Last “Why?”

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What to say to an atheist when they ask why you believe in God.

In recent years, atheists seem to have taken over the internet. They troll comment areas on articles and social media sites, waiting to pounce on anyone that offers a prayer or praise to an almighty power. They act as though anyone who believes in a higher being is an idiot or at the very least, naïve. They seem to believe that atheism is a new concept and that those in the past who believed just didn’t know any better.

Unfortunately, many of the believers who are attacked in these forums choose to respond by quoting scripture which is about as effective as speaking Chinese to a cow.

How can people who don’t believe in God find any proof in the Bible? Bluntly, they don’t. So, that brings about a problem for those who don’t know how to respond to the atheists’ question of why we believe.

I should start this by explaining that I hold an advanced degree in science. I have studied biology, physics, chemistry, anatomy, physiology, geology (and a host of other topics that would make the average person cringe) as both a career choice and a hobby. I actually like that stuff, and I have pondered the existence of God just like the next person. And after spinning around and around the subject for decades, I finally landed on the basis of my belief.
It’s something I call, “The Last Why.”

It works very simply like this: Start with any question and continue asking “why” until there are no more answers. (more…)

Author of speculative fiction and other weird stuff

Have you ever seen a news story or had a particularly odd dream that caused your mind to run off in the “What if?” direction? Me too. Unfortunately, when that happens, I have the added burden of losing sleep until that thought lands snuggly in a book.

My newest release: THE PROMISE tells the story of a young child who is taken for political reasons and the father who must save him before the world discovers why his son was taken. You see, this is not a typical child and the kidnapping is far from a typical crime. Hell, it’s not even your typical political reason.

The whole thing started with a “What if?” that ran away with me, costing me many hours of sleep before I finally committed it to paper. I would love to tell you the impetus of the story, but if I do, it will ruin the element of surprise and I’m not one to provide *spoiler alerts* for my own stories.

So, if you’re curious, and you also have the “What if?” gene somewhere in your DNA, you might want to read THE PROMISE to get your thoughts buzzing as well.

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