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Cranking out a page turner
Recently I heard an author claim that all genre fiction is a type of suspense. It hadn’t dawned on me until I heard that, but I think she was right. Now some of you are reading this and thinking since you have no dead body on the floor or evildoer stalking your heroine your novel does not fall into the category of suspense, but according to Webster, suspense is a state of mental uncertainty. It’s uncertainty that has your reader asking, “What’s going to happen next?” And THAT is the engine that drives a page turner. THAT is the question that keeps your reader turning pages and missing a good night’s sleep. A dead body or stalker definitely adds that element, but what if your story isn’t intended to keep your reader awake with fear? Now what?

It’s important to remember the habits of the average reader. First, they usually read at bedtime. (more…)