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the promise child from zon

David Walker has been the sole guardian of his son ever since the day his wife was killed in a tragic accident. He is a devoted father, diligent in keeping the precocious youngster safe from harm. But even the most careful of parents can fall into a nightmare as David learns when Joseph disappears.

He doesn’t know who took his son, but he knows why, and now he is determined find Joseph before the rest of the world discovers the secret David had vowed to take to his grave.

FBI Agent Eve Cates specializes in kidnapping cases, but this one has a twist. This seven-year-old boy has captured the interest of the nation and a routine case has turned into media feeding-frenzy. Agent Cates is faced with a dilemma when she learns why the child was taken. Can she justify telling the father’s secret in order to save the child just to watch the world destroy him once he’s found?